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The Himalayan salt stone massage closely resembles a typical hot stone massage, with the distinction that smooth Himalayan salt stones are used instead. These salt stones exhibit an exceptional capacity to effectively retain heat, offering supplementary advantages beyond those of a conventional hot stone massage.

Upon heating, Himalayan salt crystals emit negative ions into their surroundings, which then attach to free radicals. Free radicals, unstable and reactive molecules or ions, initiate chain reactions within the body—a process known as oxidation. This ultimately leads to stress, cellular damage, diseases, and accelerated aging. The interaction between heated Himalayan salt’s negative ions and free radicals results in their neutralisation.

Furthermore, Himalayan salt crystals possess antimicrobial properties, countering both fungal and bacterial elements. When these crystals come into contact with the skin, whether wet or dry, a detoxification effect is activated. These crystals naturally contain an array of up to 84 trace minerals, encompassing potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. This rich mineral composition can facilitate the body’s inherent detoxification mechanisms, expediting the elimination of toxins and unnecessary waste.

Additionally, Himalayan salt crystals exhibit anti-inflammatory attributes. Their application can alleviate joint inflammation and mitigate sensations of soreness, stiffness, and muscular pain.

In essence, opting for a Himalayan salt stone massage not only grants you the benefits of a conventional heated massage but also encompasses several supplementary factors:

  • Deep sense of relaxation.
  • Exfoliated, glowing skin.
  • Soothed muscles and joints.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Better blood circulation.
  • Reduced signs of aging.
  • Loosening of tight muscles.
  • Deep relief of chronic pain, especially in the neck and back.
  • Stronger immune system.

Heated Himalayan salt stones are a wonderful tool to help relieve tension in the body, while improving circulation.

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