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Hopi ear candling is a natural and ancient therapy for the ears that has been handed down to us through the mists of time by many civilisations.

​Also known as thermo auricular therapy, is a gentle and non-invasive treatment of the ears and helps to treat a variety of conditions.  It is a very relaxing and soothing therapy.

​Hopi ear candles are not like normal candles, but they are in fact long hollow tubes traditionally made of cotton or linen, coated in beeswax, herbs and honey.

​The treatment takes around an hour to complete and finishes off with a very relaxing facial massage.

So what happens during a treatment?

The candle is placed gently into the opening of your ear and ignited. As the candle burns, the sound from the flame creates a vibration that travels through the candle and penetrates the ear drum, which in turn vibrates the small bones of the inner ear and creates a massaging effect. 

The vibration pushes further on into the Eustachian tubes and sinuses helping to release any blocked pressure.

​The warmth from the Hopi candle along with the herbal oils and the vibration helps to soften and break up any earwax or mucus that may be blocking the tubes and sinuses; once broken down, the body finds it much easier to flush this waste through the lymphatic system.

​This process is then repeated on the other ear. Once this has been completed, the facial massage is performed.

​The treatment is therefore detoxifying, and may continue to work within the body for up to 48 hours after the burning of the ear candle.

What are the benefits of Hopi ear candles?

Hopi ear candles help in relieving the following conditions

Irritations to the ears


Glue ear

Colds and flu


Migraine and headaches

Relieve pressure from flying

Relaxing and calming (reduces stress)

Natural alternative to ear syringing (it does not remove ear wax, but helps loosen it to allow natural cleaning)

​This is a great treatment that you can add to another such as Reiki or Reflexology

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