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In the midst of our hectic lives, wouldn’t you appreciate the chance to unwind and let go of all your concerns and anxieties? If this sounds appealing, a hot stone massage is precisely what you need.

This well-loved hot stone massage offers a wonderfully serene and relaxing experience, using warm basalt stones to gently massage the body from head to toe.

This treatment, with its comforting warmth, focuses on energy points distributed across the body, aiming to restore balance and harmony. The muscles experience a sense of relaxation and renewal, a sensation that is truly distinctive to the hot stone massage.

The gentle pressure exerted by the hot stones, combined with the accompanying massage, effectively melts away tension, leaving you with a sensation as if you’re floating on air.

What sets the hot stone massage apart from other forms of massage is its utilisation of smooth, heated stones. Typically, these stones are Basalt river rocks, chosen for their smoothness and just-right weight that provides optimal pressure.

Moreover, in addition to their other qualities, these stones are exceptionally efficient at retaining and emanating heat throughout the entire treatment duration.

The stones help to apply a slightly deeper pressure during the massage itself. This results in enhanced benefits and a heightened sense of relaxation.

Rest assured, these stones aren’t hefty boulders, and their temperature is not excessively high either.

The stones are compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They are gently warmed using a specialised heater. This ensures they attain the perfect temperature. They are warm enough to provide comfort, yet not excessively hot to cause any burns or discomfort.

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