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​Self care is vitally important to our overall health so our pamper packages are the ideal solution. I have 6 different packages for you to choose from. Something for everyone.   Why pay double the price at a spa?

Here are our Pamper Packages

Pamper Package – Thai foot massage, Natural lift facial massage & Reiki

Start of with a wonderful Thai leg and foot massage to ease those tired legs. Follow this with a highly relaxing Natural lift facial massage to stimulate the blood cells and give a fresher younger look. I will also apply a moisturising face mask. You’ll then finish off with a relaxing session of Reiki. This provides a real pick me up, rebalancing the senses and renewing the energy levels. 90 minutes – £70 – currently on offer at £55!

Holistic Heaven – Natural lift facial massage, Sound bowl massage/bath, Reiki. A truly luxurious heavenly package. We’ll start this package with a rejuvenating facial to get you nicely relaxed and then we move on to placing Sound bowls on you and around you, letting the sound waves wash over and through you, releasing any blockages you may have. We then finish with Reiki to help balance your body.

This package is not suitable for pregnant woman or anyone with a pacemaker or epilepsy.

90 minutes – £70 – currently on offer at £55!

Stress Buster

Natural lift facial massage, Reiki and Reflexology. Rejuvenate the mind and body through these 3 relaxing therapies. Reduces stress and anxiety, brings about calmness, peace and relaxation. It also helps to reduce pain and the side effects of medication.

90 minutes – £70 – currently on offer at £55!

Well-being – Kinetic Chain Release, Reiki & Infrared Sauna. This package is aimed at pain relief and bringing the body back into balance. These therapies really hit all those problem areas, back/neck pain, sciatica, hip/knee pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, migraines & IBS are just a few that can be helped. Please see my website for full details of KCR and the contraindications of the sauna.

90 Minutes £70 – currently on offer at £55!

Crystal Light Bed Therapy Pamper – Crystal bed, Thai leg & foot massage & Reiki. 30 minutes crystal bed, 30 minutes Thai foot and leg massage and finish off with 30 minutes of Reiki. Truly amazing!

90 Minutes £70 – currently on offer at £60!

Zen Den Special 

Reflexology, Natural lift facial massage, Crystal Light Therapy bed followed by Reiki. The ultimate pamper package! 4 therapies guaranteed to have you floating home in a bubble of well-being and feeling completely relaxed and at ease. 2 hours of pure pampering! We start off with Reflexology for those tired legs and feet, this is followed by the wonderfully relaxing facial lift massage, You’ll then have some Tibetan singing bowls placed on your body, this really vibrates through the body and clears any blockages. And then we finish the whole thing off with everyone’s favourite – Reiki. You’ll also get a moisturising face mask and foot balm applied. All organic and natural products used.

2 hours – £85

These carefully put together packages offer you a truly luxurious, uplifting, relaxing and rejuvenating experience. We are working through your bodies energy centres and meridian lines, we are stimulating the blood supply, removing blockages, balancing your body to give you best possible outcome.

All the products I use are all made from natural ingredients and sourced from local businesses.

Check out our special offers page to check if any of our packages are on offer.

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