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​Self care is vitally important to our overall health so our pamper packages are the ideal solution. Make your very own bespoke package. There is something for everyone.   Why pay double the price at a spa?

Here are our Pamper Packages

Our Pamper Packages are very popular. I have combined many of our most popular therapies together to make the ideal packages. There’s also the choice to make you’re very own bespoke package!

Design your own (2 Therapies)90 Minutes £55. Design your own bespoke session. Choose 2 of the following therapies – (45 minutes for each one)
Reiki, Reflexology, Thai foot massage, Hopi candles with mini facial massage, Natural face lift massage, KCR, crystal light therapy bed, Indian Head Massage or sound healing massage. Massage is NOT included in this. They are available in separate packages.

Chakra Rebalance Package90 Minutes £55. A bespoke package which starts with soaking your feet in the divine Eve Taylor aromatherapy soak, the lower legs and feet are then massaged. We then move on to align your 7 chakras using the Crystal Light therapy bed before finishing with a mini facial massage & scalp massage.

Chakra Balancing Crystal Massage – 90 Minutes £60. If you love your crystals then this is the package for you! I start by cleansing your aura with sage and then placing crystals on and around you. Crystal wands are used to help clear your energy field and any blockages.

You’ll also receive a gentle back, neck, shoulder, face, scalp and arm massage using a combination of crystals and normal massage techniques and then finish with the powerful crystal light bed.

Absolute heaven. This will leave you feeling completely energised and refreshed.

Tranquil Touch Massage Pamper – 90 Minutes £65. This package is for women only. You’ll start off in the infrared sauna. The sauna warms up and relaxes your muscles which means it’ll be easier to break down areas of tension when we start your massage. You can then sink into the heated bed to just relax and let all your cares and worries float away as you receive a hot stone back, neck & shoulders massage. And we don’t stop there – you can pick 1 more therapy from the following list to complete your Tranquil Touch Pamper – Reiki, Reflexology, Thai foot massage, Hopi candles, Natural face lift massage, crystal light therapy bed, or sound healing massage.

Body Balancing Package – 90 Minutes £70. This package is for women only – Is your body screaming out to you? Are aches and pains affecting your everyday life? Then this one is for you. Start off with a session of KCR to bring the body back into alignment, then back neck & shoulders massage and finish off with the infrared sauna.

Time out Treat – 90 Minutes £60. You’ll start your session of with a luxurious Eve Taylor aromatherapy 15 minute foot soak. We then move on to a relaxing 30 minute Back, neck and shoulder massage to remove some stress and tension. We then end your session on a deeply relaxing note with 45 minutes of Reiki with the crystal light bed. I guarantee you’ll be floating home, feeling completely relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed

Anxiety Ease – 2 hours £70. I hear so many of my clients mention anxiety and more so in the last few years. I’m often asked what’s the best way to deal with it so I’ve decided to put together a package to help with this.
Each session will be tailored to your needs. We’ll discuss what’s going on and then decide between us what’s best suited to help you. All of these therapies are very effective on their own, but mixed together we’re creating something really powerful.
And at the end of the session I’ll show you some techniques that are proven to help reduce anxiety.
I suffered for years with anxiety so this is something I’m passionate about helping people with, so let me help you take the pressure off and hold space for you while you relax, restore, reset and rejuvenate.

Restful Retreat Pamper – 2 hours £70. Combine any of the following 3 therapies to make your very own bespoke pamper session. Please see my website for the full details of what each one entails. You’ll be asked on your client consultation form which 3 therapies you’d like to combine.
Choose from – Reiki, Reflexology, Thai foot massage, KCR, Natural lift facial massage, Indian Head Massage, Sound therapy massage, Hopi ear candles, Crystal light therapy bed or Infrared Sauna.
As an extra special treat Reflexology & Thai foot massage will also include a foot moisturiser. Natural lift facial massage will include a moisturising face mask & serum .

Energy Healer Pamper – 2 hours £75. The energy healer deeply relaxes your mind, body & spirit. Commence with a mini 15 minute meditation via the Kasina meditation player to get you in the zone, then an Indian Head Massage melts away all tension in the back, neck, shoulders & scalp, including acupressure points on the head & face. Next we move onto energy balancing via Crystal Reiki which soothes, calms and rebalances. We then end with some deeply healing Reflexology.
This is the perfect package for helping ease emotions, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, tension and grief.
15 minutes Meditation
30 minute Indian Head Massage
45 minutes of Reiki
30 minutes Reflexology

Top to Toe Indulgence – 2 hours £75. This is for women only – An amazing package which covers the whole body from head to toe. You’ll feel absolutely amazing and float all the way home. With this package you have 2 options
Option 1 – Full Body massage & Eve Taylor Luxury facial OR
Option 2 – Eve Taylor Luxury facial, arm massage, scalp massage & Reflexology

Holistic Heaven – 2 hours £70. Natural lift facial massage, Sound bowl massage (Tibetan sound bowls are placed on and around your body) and Reiki. A truly luxurious heavenly package. We start this package with a rejuvenating facial to get you nicely relaxed, we then move on to placing Sound bowls on you and around you, letting the sound waves wash over and through you, releasing any blockages you may have. We then finish with Reiki to help balance your body. This package is not suitable for pregnant woman or anyone with a pacemaker or epilepsy.


Bespoke Package designed specifically for your needs by Pauline.

Are you still not sure what’s the best treatment or package for you? We are all unique so maybe you require something that’s more tailored for your needs.

Book yourself in and then I’ll contact you by telephone and we can discuss what’s happening with you and then we can tailor the session around that and choose the most effective therapies for you.

Extra special treat

As an extra special treat Reflexology & Thai foot massage will also include a foot moisturiser. The Natural lift facial massage will include a moisturising face mask & serum.

All these therapies will offer you a truly luxurious, uplifting, relaxing and rejuvenating experience. We are working through your bodies energy centres and meridian lines, we are stimulating the blood supply, removing blockages and balancing your body to give you best possible outcome.

All the products I use are all made from natural ingredients and some are sourced from local businesses.

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