Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 10am to 4.30pm

Here is our latest price list as of April 2023.


*** I offer all hypnotherapy session in person or Via Zoom. Sessions via zoom are just as effective and work in the same way as an in person appointment ***

Discovery Call. Please book this first so that we can discuss what’s needed before your appointment. This session is done via the telephone – FREE

Sessions (60 mins) – £55 

The Inner Journey – This is sessions for anxiety and/or trauma and they are specifically tailored for you. This will comprise of either 3 or 5 sessions. I will let you know at our initial discovery call what I feel will be needed. 3 sessions is £165 & 5 sessions is £275. These must be paid for in full before your first appointment. 

Trauma Clearing session (2 hours) – £120 (please only book this if you have been advised by me to do so) 

Smoking cessation (90 mins) – £120 (for the first session) £55 for any further sessions required.  This is dependant on each individuals response to the hypnosis.  The majority of my clients have only needed one session with a follow up 10 to 14 days later

Past Life Regression (90 minutes) – £65 

Hypnotic Gastric Band (6 sessions) – £420 

Weight loss programme (4 to 5 sessions) £330 

IBS hypnotherapy 5 sessions – £275

IEMT (60 mins) – £45 

Banish your sugar monster (3 sessions) £100 Zoom only – Session 1 sugar aversion, session 2 is a choice of either the gastric band or healthier eating and session 3 is exercise motivation.

Holistic Therapies price list

Please check here for any special offers that I may currently be running.

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) 30 to 40 minutes – £40

Reiki – 45 to 60 minutes session – £35 – You will be given the choice on the day to add crystals or tuning forks to your session. These are great options if you have a lot of blockages.

Childs Reiki – 30 minutes – £25

Crystal Light Therapy Bed – 30 minutes £25

Crystal Light Therapy Bed – 45 minutes £30

Sound Healing Therapy – 45 minutes – £35

Reflexology – 1 Hour – £35

Thai foot & Leg Massage – 1 hour – £35

Natural Lift Facial Massage – 1 hour – £35

Biofield cleansing – 1 hour – £35

Hopi ear candles – 30 minutes – £22

Hopi Ear Candles –  45 minute session ending with a facial massage – £35

Infrared Sauna – 30 to 40 minutes – £20 to £25

Meditation session – relax to a guided meditation1 hour sessions £30 or bring a friend £50

Soundbath 1 to 1 £30 (1 hour) or bring a friend – £50

Combination Therapies

Reiki Healing Combo – Choose to combine Reiki with 1 of the following – Reflexology, Thai foot massage, Hopi candles, Natural face lift massage, KCR, crystal light therapy bed or sound healing massage – 90 minutes – £55

Well-being Combo – Combine 2 of any of the following – Reflexology, Thai foot massage, Natural lift facial massage, KCR, Hopi ear candles, Infrared sauna, sound healing massage or crystal light therapy bed – 90 minutes – £55


*** As an extra special treat Reflexology & Thai foot massage will also include a foot moisturiser. Natural lift facial massage will include a moisturising face mask & serum ***

KCR followed by infrared sauna 70 minutes – £55

KCR followed by Connective Tissue Release 60 minutes – £50

Pamper Packages price list

Pamper Package –

I’ve now made things simpler for you when choosing a Pamper Package. You can now make your very own bespoke package and combine any 3 therapies of your choice. You can choose 3 from any of the following –

Sessions are 2 hours and cost only £70. This is a huge saving as most of the therapies cost £30+

Reiki Classes price list

Level 1 £125 (deposit required at time of booking) 

1 day 9am to 4pm

Level 2 £165 (deposit required at time of booking)

1 day 9am to 4pm

Master/Teacher £375 (deposit required at time of booking) 2 day course 10am to 3pm each day

All my Reiki courses are accredited by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)

Payments can be made by cash, Bank Transfer or gift voucher 

Please read my Booking and Cancellation Policy.

A small deposit is required when booking a therapy with me.  This can be paid via my online booking system (click on book now from the menu).  If this isn’t convenient then please contact me to arrange a cash payment instead. This will be deducted from the full cost of your treatment.

I am fully insured and qualified to carry out all the above treatments.

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