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Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and energising therapy which treats the whole person rather than just the symptoms of disease.  It’s based on the principle that the body is divided into ten equal zones, ending in the fingers and toes.

The body is often in a state of imbalance, particularly after illness, injury or periods of stress. These vital energy pathways blocked, preventing the body from functioning effectively.   

Reflexology aims to release any blockages and restore the free flow of energy and blood circulation to the whole body. 

Specific massage technique is applied to reflex areas in the feet which correspond to tissues, organs and systems throughout the entire body. 

Stimulating these reflexes encourages the body to heal itself, restoring and maintaining natural equilibrium, as well as promoting relaxation and a general sense of well being.

Here are some common questions that are often asked.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy treatment based on Eastern medicine.  It’s thought to date back to Ancient China where cave paintings from 5,000 BC depict people having a form of reflexology. 

So, it’s old but how does it work? 

It works on the same principles as acupuncture.  Both treatments work on the basis that there are energy channels that run through our bodies.  The energy that flows through these channels can get blocked or disrupted by things like physical injury, surgery, stress or emotional trauma. If this happens it can cause problems in the area of the body that is affected.

Blocked energy channels 

The energy channels can be accessed at certain points in the body.  In some places they flow close to the surface of the skin. In others they can be accessed where muscle fibres interconnect and leave space for an acupuncture pin or fingertip to reach the energy channel.

By stimulating the energy channel, I can help to release or improve the flow of energy and promote healing.

So why the feet?

All of the energy channels are present in the feet and so through these channels I can reach the energy that is flowing to every part of the body.  Early reflexologists mapped these channels, so we now know which areas are being accessed by working on the different channels in the feet.

Ok but I still don’t get how it works

Basically, I press gently on the energy points and this stimulates the flow of energy around the body.  I can also feel significant changes in the foot.  For example there may be tension, small grit-like lumps, popping or areas of heat or coolness.  All of these may be significant. 

What happens in a treatment?

In a reflexology treatment you lie down on the heated bed while I work on your feet.  You don’t have to get undressed, just take off your shoes and socks.  It’s best to wear loose fitting clothing as I need to be able to work on your lower legs as well as your feet.

I will start by giving you a gentle foot & leg massage to make the muscles in your feet relax.  Once relaxed I will work around your feet gently pressing on certain points or rubbing areas in a circular motion. This stimulates the energy channels and boosts the circulation of energy.

The treatment finishes with another foot & leg massage to relax you further. The total treatment takes 50 minutes.

For that little bit of added luxury or spa type feel then how about adding an Eve Taylor aromatherapy foot soak first? It’s only an extra £5. This can be booked as an added extra when you make your appointment.

What can reflexology help with?

Reflexology is really all about restoring balance in the body. It can help with conditions such as; client’s quality of sleep, pain levels, irritable bowel syndrome and depression as well as other issues. 

 What do our clients say?

“Reflexology is ideal therapy! I always feel so relaxed after having my monthly top up from Pauline.”

“I highly recommend reflexology with Pauline, this is by far my favourite treatment. And I love the added touch of the moisturising foot cream that’s applied after”

Reflexology is also available within a couple of our pamper packages. Check those out here

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