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Reiki course dates for 2024!!

Here are my latest Reiki dates

My Reiki courses are all 1 day (apart from Master level) and run from 10am to 4.30pm. My courses are also accredited by IPHM. A deposit is required at the time of booking and is non refundable once I’ve sent you the Reiki Manual (usually 2 to 3 weeks before course starts)

Reiki Level 1

APRIL 27th – 2 spaces left

MAY 13th – 3 spaces

JUNE 10th – 3 spaces

Reiki level 2


APRIL 9th – 1 Space left

MAY 27th – 3 spaces

JUNE 24th – 3 spaces

Please use my online booking to secure your space

If you’re interested in the Reiki Master/teacher course which is run over 2 days, then please contact me directly for this and we can set a date.

Each course is limited to 3 people.

If you’d like to know more about any of my courses please feel free to phone me or drop me a message.


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