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On this page I will keep you updated with any special offers that I may have running. Keep checking back as it changes on a regular basis.

With costs rising for everything I’ve decided to do the opposite and reduce the cost of my 4 popular packages!

We all know how important self care is to our mental & emotional well-being, and I don’t want to see people putting that on the back burner.

The packages on special offer are 

Pamper – Indian Head Massage, Natural Lift Facial massage and finish with Thai foot & leg massage

Holistic Heaven – Natural Lift Facial Massage, Sound Therapy Massage & Finish with Reiki

Stress Buster – Natural Lift Facial Massage, Reflexology and finish with Reiki

All packages only £55!!

All packages with Natural facial include a moisturising face mask.

All packages including Reflexology & Thai foot massage include a moisturising foot cream

Don’t underestimate how relaxing these 4 therapies are. You’ll definitely leave ‘The Zen Den’ feeling Relaxed, Rejuvenated and Restored.

Read more about pamper packages here

Past Life regression is £60 instead of £70

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