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Sound Healing Massage – This therapy is so understated! It’s highly relaxing, powerful and effective.

I use Tibetan singing bowls placed on and around your body, I have chimes hanging above your head, and I finish your session with the big bowl and gong.

This is a fantastic therapy to have if you’re chakras/energy centres are blocked leaving you feeling tired, lack of energy, no get up and go or enthusiasm for anything & emotional. The bowls vibrate throughout the body, working on the meridian points and bringing everything back into balance.

Every object in the universe has its own resonant frequency and this also goes for our body. Every cell, bone and organ has its own frequency. If one part of our body is out of tune it can and will affect the whole body. So using sound can help bring the body back into balance.

Take a look at how you feel after being to a concert or musical, or listening to music. It brings about a calmness and feelings of joy. We feel on a high! This is due to the vibration/resonance of the music.

So what does sound healing massage help with?

Sound Therapy has been known to help treat such conditions as stress, anxiety, lowers blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, depression, sleep disorders, aches & pains and autism spectrum disorders, PTSD, dementia & reducing the risks of stroke and heart attacks.

Sound therapy/vibration releases trapped energy that’s stored in and around the body. The sound waves produce soothing and rhythmic pulsations or vibrations through the body, gently massaging the cells within your body and working out any stored up tension. Through the range of different frequencies given out by the bowls, this produces a calming effect, and bringing you into a meditative state.

Our brain goes through different frequencies. Beta is our normal everyday state, then as we begin to relax we go through the Alpha, Theta and then the delta state. This is where you will feel deeply relaxed, maybe even falling asleep. It’s while we are in Theta state that our heart rate slows down and we find complete peace of mind.

This therapy can be taken on it’s own with singing bowls, tuning forks, gong etc – 45 minute session £40

Or as above but add 45 minutes of Reiki to the end – 90 minutes £65

Or have a 30 minute session with sound and 30 minutes of Reiki for £40

This therapy is not suitable during pregnancy, anyone with epilepsy, metal implants or pacemakers

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